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  2. Experiencing the Goodwood Revival is like stepping into a time machine and coming out in a dream-like, gold-tinged world of vintage motorsports. It’s a time-warp that takes the greatest hits of the 1940s, 50s and 60s motorsports and culture and creates an experience that is unlike any other in the world. Whatever expectations we had were shattered by the scale and quality of it all of every aspect of the Revival. And yes, there are Minis everywhere. Let’s back up a bit. The Goodwood Revival takes place on an estate owned by Charles Gordon-Lennox, 11th Duke of Richmond and his family. He took over the family estate in early 90’s and begun the process of refurbishing the classic 1940’s era Goodwood racetrack and introducing several motorsports events to the grounds. The famous Festival of Speed is a hill-climb that takes place on the driveway to the main house itself and nurmous other events always draw a crowd. But the Good Revival is unlike all of them. And unlike anything in the world for that matter. Yes the U.S. has the events like the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Laguna Seca and the WeatherTech Challenge with Brian Redman at Road American but neither come close to the scale let alone to the vibe of the Revival. And if you want racing royalty, it’s here. I saw a good half dozen former LeMans winners along with Jackie Stewart, Jenson Button, Jimmy Johnson, Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti roaming around the paddock ducking in and out or races. Jackie Stewart was one of many motorsports royalty in attendanceAnd yes, there are endless races pitting almost mythical vintage machinery against one another. In fact the racing itself was as good as any I’ve seen all year. But what really makes the Revival different is the atmosphere. I’ve checked a lot of motorsports boxes off over the years and I can assure you that nothing really compared to the Goodwood Revival. Part of that is the cars of course. But a funny thing happens when people dress up in period costume. The egos tend to melt away and are replaced by smiles. Everything and everyone feels accessible and simply happy to be there. And of course there are Minis. In the 1960’s the Cooper S was a giant killer not just in rallying but also in British touring car racing. Going up against both British and America sedans (yeah the massive ones), the Minis were a crowd favorite all weekend. Charlie Cooper (grandson of John Cooper) was in the mix all weekend ultimately crashing out of the last touring car race on Sunday. Along with the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring, the Goodwood Revival has been our bucket list for years so our expectations were high. But nothing prepared us for the scale and immersive quality of the weekend. The Revival had both the scale, quality of cars and attention to detail that make great vintage motorsports events. So much so that it might just be the single best vintage event in the world. A massive thanks to MINI for inviting us to attend and being incredible hosts throughout the weekend. +44(0)7740583906The post The Goodwood Revival – the Most Epic Vintage Motorsports Event in the World appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
  3. При выдаче автомобиля летом 2021 года забыли снять транспортировочные проставки. Конечно это не смертельно, но тем не менее... VIN заканчивается P46519
  4. Эта ссылка была приведена в качестве примера для ознакомления с характеристиками продукта. Вот буквально, вбил наименование в строке поиска браузера, получил список ссылок. Первую и запостил. Запчасти и масла заказываю через приложение широкоизвестного специализированного интернет-магазина, который является дилером этого бренда.
  5. MINIUSA is celebrating 20 years with the launch of tue MINI 20 Years Edition. Exclusively offered in as a four door hardtop, the MINI 20 Years Edition brings an exclusive look to a DCT equipped Cooper S with unique graphics and trim. The MINI 20 Years Edition is well eqiipped and will retail for $36,315 when it hits dealers this fall. Our quick take is that like all special editions, the MINI 20 Years Editions offers fair equipment for the money in a unique design. The big downside in our mind is that its stuck on tie most awkward looking of all MINIs – the four door hardtop. Official Release: MINI 20 Years Edition Woodcliff Lake, NJ, September 21, 2022. MINI USA today announced the launch of the MINI 20 Years Edition, in celebration of the brand’s 20 years in the U.S. The special edition has been produced as a 2023 MINI Cooper S Hardtop 4 Door and will arrive at dealers in the U.S. this month with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $36,315 plus an additional $850 for Destination and Handling. “We came into the industry 20 years ago when trucks and SUVs were in high demand and disrupted the mindset of America’s driving consumers,” said Mike Peyton, Vice President, MINI of the Americas. “Here we are today a small fun to drive car that still celebrates every aspect of the spirit of the MINI brand, our owner community and the passion that exists 20 years later.” Patriotic Exterior. While MINI launched in the U.S. back in 2002 in Chili Red, the MINI 20 Years Edition is available in three Patriotic colors: Chili Red, Pepper White, and Island Blue. These three body colors represent the core elements of the American and British flags, a perfect way to commemorate 20 Years in America. The exterior also features a Silver Roof and Mirror Caps as well as Piano Black trim. The bonnet includes an offset stripe accented in red, white and blue on the driver side and a star adorning the passenger side. The design is offset with a host of accessories including Side Scuttle inlays, Door Sill Plates, and C-Pillar decals. Additionally, the exterior features the 17” Tentacle Spoke black wheels wrapped in All-Season Tires. Also included are Roof Rails and the Panoramic Moonroof. Sporty Interior. The interior of the MINI 20 Years Edition features sports seats in Carbon Black Leatherette and a Nappa Leather Steering Wheel with 20 Years Edition insert. Paddle shifters support a 7-Speed Sport Dual Clutch Transmission. The interior surface features Piano Black with 20 Years graphics and Anthracite Headliner. Comfort features include Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control, , Heated Front Seats, Storage Package, as well as Touchscreen Navigation Package, MINI Assist eCall, TeleServices, Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information, Remote Services, Apple CarPlay, Enhanced Bluetooth with USB, and a Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster. The MINI 20 Years Edition units went into production in July 2022 and are expected to begin arriving at U.S. dealerships this month. The post MINI 20 Years Edition Launches to Celebrate MINIUSA’s Anniversary appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
  6. Вот уже несколько лет существует приложение для смартфонов, например, для Андроид:
  7. Добрый вечер, не могу скачать мануал по р56. Ссылка недоступна (( Может кто-то поделится новой?
  8. Скажите, вы на озоне заказываете- проверено- не подделка???? Можно смело там брать?
  9. Official Release: From Los Angeles to Las Vegas in the MINI Electric The morning at Santa Monica beach belongs to the surfers. Looking out over the glittering Pacific waves, noisy Los Angeles on California’s southwestern coast seems very distant indeed. Nevertheless, in the MINI Cooper SE it only takes about 30 minutes from the colourful beach houses along Ocean Avenue to the eastern end of LA. Just before San Bernardino, we head north on Interstate Highway 15 to Las Vegas. Here, Route 66, legendary since the film “Easy Rider” with Paul Newman and Dennis Hopper, once took free-spirited explorers to new adventures on almost 4,000 km of highway. On the route through the green mountain landscape around Mount Baldy, the MINI Electric can really strut its stuff. While down in the valley the traffic of the metropolis almost comes to a standstill during rush hour, the MINI Cooper SE is simply a joy to drive as it corners smoothly, hugging the rode also thanks to the lithium-ion high-voltage battery (32.6 kWh gross value) installed in the floor. The brake energy regeneration system, which can be set in two stages, decelerates the car with strong energy recuperation as soon as the driver takes his foot off the accelerator in the bends. This not only makes it easy on the brakes, but also charges the battery of the all-electric MINI Cooper SE while you are driving. Speeding towards the Mojave Desert. After almost two hours, the green of the mountains has meanwhile given way to the fascinating red and brown tones of the first desert foothills and it’s time for a restorative break with Mexican tacos in Victorville. In the shade of the palm trees, the MINI Cooper SE can also be charged to 80 percent battery power in just 35 minutes at one of the fast chargers for the upcoming leg towards the Mojave Desert. In the 113,300 square kilometre Mojave Desert, temperatures average 45 °C in July and August. A very welcome refreshing option on the MINI Cooper SE is its pre-conditioning feature, which can be activated from the restaurant table using the MINI Connected remote app. This allows you to pre-cool the car’s interior. The next 150 km lead deeper and deeper into the vast, barren landscape to Baker. The small town is right in the middle of the Mojave Desert and at the southern end of the route to Death Valley National Park, one of the hottest areas in the USA. To keep an eye on the record temperatures here at all times, Baker is home to the world’s highest thermometer at 134 feet and refers to the highest temperature measured on site of 134 ° Fahrenheit, which corresponds to 57 °C. You simply can’t miss it on and it also reliably points the way to another fast charger stop. In a place like this they they naturally get their sustainable energy from solar panels, which also serve as a welcome sunshade when you plug in the charging cable. Pleasant temperatures in the hottest place in the USA. As we drive on, the highway gives us a view of the majestic mountain ranges of the Mescal Range after a few kilometres. The MINI Cooper SE was not designed exclusively for such extreme temperatures as here, but it stands up to the heat test with aplomb. The high-voltage battery remains cool, as does the interior, and the battery power drops only very gradually. The reason for this is a highly effective overall cooling system that acts particularly efficiently thanks to the integrated heat pump technology. Beyond the mountains, Interstate 15 leads straight to Paradise on the last 80 kilometres, the town immediately south of Las Vegas. Stopping at the imposing Allegiant Stadium, home of the three-time Super Bowl winning Las Vegas Raiders football team, the MINI Cooper SE can be charged with the Flexible Fast Charger charging cable for the relaxed cruise to Las Vegas. When night falls, no navigation system is needed to find your way to the legendary “strip”. Sparkling facades, a sea of neon lights and the legendary “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign reliably show where the nightlife is raging. Since it first opened, the 6.8-kilometre-long boulevard has attracted numerous show stars from Elvis Presley to Britney Spears, Elton John and Lady Gaga. Between the perfect replicas of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Egyptian pyramids and Venetian canals, the electric MINI Cooper SE finds its way almost silently to the well-deserved hotel check-in at the end of this tour. The post Los Angeles to Las Vegas RoadTrip In the Electric MINI appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
  10. After being unavailable for better part of a year, the manual transmission will return to the MINI. According to MINI USA themselves, the parts shortage that led to the elimination of the manual transmission (among other options) is beginning to ease. The result is that we should see the option return for November production and available globally. The global semiconductor shortage and the Russian invasion of Ukraine had forced MINI into the decision to eliminate the iconic option in an effort keep production flowing. What that allowed for was a simplified production process and a focus on options and components that can be more easily maintained in its parts inventory. In MINI’s own words the move was made to “ensure production stability” for the entire range. Thankfully those days now appear to be behind us and we should see the manual transmission and as of November 2022 manual transmission production will resume for the following MINI Hardtop and Convertible models equipped: F56 MINI Cooper 2-door HardtopF55 MINI Cooper 4-door HardtopF56 MINI Cooper S 2-door HardtopF55 MINI Cooper S 4-door HardtopF56 MINI John Cooper Works 2-door HardtopF57 MINI Cooper ConvertibleF57 MINI Cooper S ConvertibleThe post The MINI Manual Transmission is Back! appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
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  12. это динамик системы экстренного вызова, в машинах для рынка РФ тоже есть как кусок эра-глонас. В штатах есть подобное, MINI SOS или MINI ASSISTANCE.
  13. For a MINI fan there are a few must-see attractions around the world. One, the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring we had a chance to attend earlier this year. Now we are getting a chance to experience two more in the span of as many days. First up is the spiritual home of the brand, the Oxford MINI Plant. We’ll have not just the normal guided tour but an inside look at the brand, it’s history and even how it will evolve in the future. Then it’s on to another coveted motorsport tradition – the Goodwood Revival. The Revival is nothing short of the world’s greatest historic motor race event and the only sporting event of its kind to be staged entirely in a period theme. It’s an entire weekend of the most amazing historic racing cars on earth going wheel to wheel in actual races. But it’s perhaps best known for the period correct nature of the event that requires throw-back clothing and a complete lack of technology. You can follow our experiences right here on and get quick updates on Instagram as you roam the English countryside. The post Follow Us As We Tour The Oxford MINI plant and the Goodwood Revival appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
  14. Не претендую на истину, но: 1. В кабрике могли поставить сирену и в салоне, в обычных машинах ее в салоне не ставят скорее из-за шумоизоляции, из под капота громче слышно, чем из салона; если машина из южных штатов, где хорошие погоды, почему бы не расположить сирену в салоне - ничего ей не будет 2. Может быть сигналка есть, но отключена; поэтому не передали ни ключей, ни меток. Я свою прошлую машину продавал - заехал в центр, где устанавливал и отключил сигналку, а потом по честному удалил свой аккаунт в приложении - а то по мобильной связи мог бы управлять сигналкой и потом, после продажи. Правда метки отдал вместе с машиной, но работал на момент продажи только штатный иммобилайзер.
  15. Спасибо. Я тоже так думал. Но сигналка не кричит. Да и от машины у меня только пара стандартных заврдских ключей. Никаких брелков и меток нет. сирены обычно вроде в моторных отсеках ставили. Хотя в этом малютке под капотом свободного места нет в принципе )
  16. Может сирена сигналки?))) попробуйте проверить. Если на скотче, другое предположить сложно.
  17. Добрый день ! недавно супруга купила миник кабрио. Год не помню, вроде 18 из штатов с ним все ок, нет проблем, но на днях в салоне из под торпедо со стороны пассажира отклеился и повис на проводе странный динамик. В прямоугольном корпусе. На заводской не похож. держался он на на двухстороннем скотче. При воспроизведении музыки или различных сервисных звуков системы (парктроники и тд) он не задействован. в громкой связи вроде тоже никак. Кто знает, для чего он вообще??? может просто отрезать провода и выбросить его??? )))
  18. я здесь недавно делал на заднюю полусферу, вроде хорошо поклеили, понравилось. цена вполне устроила, учитывая что у них сервис очень приятный. фрунзенский район
  19. Можно, например, таким: Давно лью, бегает пепелац.
  20. Всех приветствую! Может кто помочь!? Нужна штатная прошивка на Мини Кантримэн 2012г r60 комплектация S. У меня в эбу полазили кривые руки в погоне за лошадиными силами и теперь беда...
  21. Народ, есть ли нюансы подключения на рест и дорест?
  22. Всё по классике. Просмотрел уровень масла. Сизый дым. Масложор 5л на 10000км. Начал троить на холостых. Кому доверить сие изделие?
  23. Both MINI and BMW have given us plenty of hints a move to vegan interiors was coming but this is the first official word. Beginning in the 2023 calendar year both MINI and BMW will begin offering entirely vegan interior. But it’s not all about saving the cows. BMW is positioning this change also about the CO2. According to the brands replacing leather will reduce the CO2 emissions from interior production by 85%. There are some hurdles to overcome including that all important feel. However according to Uwe Kohler, Head of Develpment Body, Exterior Trim Interior at BMW Group, they believe they’ve found a solution. “With a steering wheel made from a high-quality vegan surface material, we are fulfilling the wishes of our customers who do not want to make any compromises in terms of look, feel and functionality. The innovative material withstands wear and tear caused by abrasion, perspiration and moisture and has all the desirable properties of leather.” Official Release: MINI and BMW to Introduce Vegan Interior in 2023 The BMW Group plans to launch its first vehicles featuring completely vegan interiors in 2023. This is being made possible primarily through the development of innovative materials with leather-like properties. It will also be possible to use these materials for steering wheel surfaces, which must fulfil demanding criteria when it comes to feel, premium appearance and wear resistance. Fully vegan interiors will be available for both BMW and MINI models for the first time from 2023. The BMW Group is thus serving the demand for vegan and leather-free interiors, which is set to increase further in the near future, especially in the US, China and Europe. The reduction of CO2 emissions over the entire life cycle of a vehicle is the central goal of the BMW Group on the road to climate neutrality, which is to be achieved by 2050 at the latest. Material selection has a key role to play in achieving this goal. Replacing raw materials of animal origin makes a significant contribution to increasing sustainability in vehicle production. The introduction of a new surface material for steering wheels will see the proportion of vehicle components that contain traces of raw materials of animal origin fall to less than one percent in the respective BMW and MINI vehicles. As a result, these materials will now only be found in areas that are not visible to the customer, for example in various waxy substances such as gelatine used in protective coatings, lanolin in paints, tallow as an additive in elastomers and beeswax as a flux for paints. The BMW Group has for a long time been offering various fabric alternatives to leather. Now, for the first time, it is possible to offer a suitable substitute for leather for the most important interface between driver and vehicle. The steering wheel surfaces must fulfil demanding criteria when it comes to appearance, wear resistance and durability. “With a steering wheel made from a high-quality vegan surface material, we are fulfilling the wishes of our customers who do not want to make any compromises in terms of look, feel and functionality. The innovative material withstands wear and tear caused by abrasion, perspiration and moisture and has all the desirable properties of leather,” says Uwe Kohler, Head of Develpment Body, Exterior Trim Interior at the BMW Group. The only distinguishing feature of the new material will be a new grain effect on the steering wheel rim. Leather-free surfaces reduce CO2e emissions by 85 percent. The fact that there is now a high-quality vegan surface material with equivalent properties to the real leather previously used in the production of steering wheels represents another major step towards CO2 reduction. The new steering wheel surface material reduces CO2e emissions along the value chain by around 85 percent compared to leather. Up to now, most of the emissions produced, around 80 percent, were in the form of methane gas from cattle rearing. The remaining 20 percent was accounted for by processing of the cowhide, which is highly energy- and water-intensive. Climate neutrality and a circular economy are the top priorities. To achieve the goal of climate neutrality, the BMW Group is relying on the use of green electricity in production and in the supply chain, a consistently increased proportion of secondary materials and natural raw materials, highly efficient electric motors and combustion engines and a high recycling rate in line with the principles of a circular economy. It’s all in the detail: The floor mats for various models are made from mono-material, thus avoiding material mixes that are difficult to recycle. As a result, the BMW Group saves around 23,000 tonnes of CO2 and an additional 1,600 tonnes of waste every year, since the recycled floor mats and waste material are also reused within the production process. Research and development in the field of secondary raw materials and sustainable materials are a top priority. Future vehicle generations will offer other attractive alternatives to leather. The BMW Group is working with startup companies to develop innovative bio-based materials. Compared to the synthetic leathers previously used, these result in around 45 percent lower CO2 emissions. Mirum, which is 100 percent bio-based and petroleum-free, has the potential to mimic all the properties of traditional leather. Anothernew material, Deserttex, is made from pulverised cactus fibres with a biobased polyurethane matrix. With these materials, replacing raw materials of animal origin can be combined with a significant reduction in CO2. The post MINI and BMW to Introduce Vegan Interiors in 2023 appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
  24. каким аналогом можно заменить масло на S ? Все обыскала по вину не дает аналог
  25. Мы переписывались в whatsapp, насколько я помню. заказать можно всё, но на разборках есть петли если поискать. Контакты я присылал
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