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  6. A fairly new player in the Russian darknet arena, [url=]blacksprut[/url] Blacksprut has quickly gained attention for its interesting features and growing popularity. While some aspects raise questions, it has the potential to become a prominent figure in the darknet scene. Features: Blacksprut offers an "Instant Transactions" feature, inspired by the success of similar systems on other platforms like Hydra. Couriers hide goods within the city and provide buyers with coordinates, adding an adventurous element to the purchasing process.
  7. Just because MINI is going electric doesn’t mean they won’t make open top cars. Through out sources, we can now confirm that MINI is planning to build an electric (J03) MINI Cooper Convertible. What will it be based on and where will it be made? Let’s dive into what we know. The J03 MINI Convertible will be leverage the J01 platform that underpins the new electric MINI Cooper and forms the foundation of the J05 Aceman. According to sources the convertible looks like it will be built primarily at the Oxford plant in the UK. While our sources didn’t say it wouldn’t also be built in China, BMW forecasts the majority of its sales in the UK, Europe and North America. And yes, as you’d expect being built in the UK will mean North American imports as well. The petrol powered F67 MINI Convertible will debut this summer with production beginning this November. It appears that MINI might debut the car in 2025 with sales beginning in 2026. This timing could coincide with a LCI refresh scheduled for the J01 which could include tweaked styling and even higher range and performance. If we look at previous convertible introductions, expect MINI to introduce several exterior new colors, interior trims and even a new wheel design. MINI’s first electric convertible was the limited production 2023 F57 MINI Convertible SE sold only in the UK and Europe. Sources tell us that MINI will likely use a similar top to what we’ve seen on the F57 albeit with more attention focused on aero efficiency. This effort will be focused on reducing drag typically associated with convertible tops. This also means MINI will, for the second time in their history have two open-tops to choose from. Previously MINI had offered the R57 Convertible alongside the R59 Roadster. While those cars had some clear differences, the only real distinction between these two model on the surface will be EV or combustion power. What do you think? Would you buy an electric MINI Convertible? Let us know in the comments below. The post The Electric J03 MINI Cooper Convertible is Coming – Here’s What We Know appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
  8. The first ever electric MINI Cooper JCW is coming and its lead engineer just gave some hints as to how it will perform. An Australian publication spoke with Patrick Haussler, the J01 MINI Cooper’s head of chassis dynamics at the Cooper SE launch recently and he let slip a few intriguing details. For one the car is in its final stages of development. No surprise there as we’ve been reporting that it and the petrol powered F66 MINI Cooper JCW will debut this October. Based on our exclusive reporting, production will start in January for the J01 JCW. Haussler went on to say; “I think everybody is quite happy with how the [regular MINI Cooper Electric] cars turned out and the Johnny [JCW], we have already nearly finished it, so there’s not too much refinement left to do. There’s still some work [beyond the handling dynamics] but I already like it very much. The things that you like with the Cooper SE, you will like it even more with Johnny.” For one who knew that MINI engineers had nicknamed the J01 JCW “Johnny”? It’s a great nickname that would be fun if it stuck with the public. But beyond that there’s a lot we actually know about this new new JCW no matter what you call it. The design of the car will be very close to the J01 Cooper equipped with the JCW Trim (which you see above). Key differences will be subtle trim difference, larger red JCW brakes and the potential for a (mildly) functional defuser. It will have much more power than we’re used to seeing in the Cooper with 260+ rumored. Finally MINI has reportedly tweaked the suspension set-up to better handle the car 3,500 curb weight on the track. You can read much more in our exclusive preview of the both the electric J01 and petrol F66 MINI Cooper JCW below. The post MINI J01 MINI Cooper JCW appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
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  10. MINI USA and SiriusXM just announced that all the new MINI models sold in the U.S. will come with SiriusXM with 360L as a standard feature with free access for 12 months. SiriusXM was already available across MINI’s full lineup since 2022, but now the upgraded SiriusXM with 360L will be in every new MINI, including the brand-new MINI Countryman S ALL4, MINI JCW Countryman ALL4, and MINI Cooper S 2-door hitting dealerships as we speak month. The F65 MINI Cooper 5 door and F67 MINI Convertible will get this feature as they roll out in the next few months. This new setup will be displayed on MINI’s unique 9.4-inch round OLED Samsung screen, running on a next-gen Android-enabled system. SiriusXM with 360L blends satellite and streaming content for a seamless in-car entertainment experience, offering drivers and passengers more content, better discovery options, and a personalized listening experience. What is SiriusXM 360L and How Is it Different? 360L allows BMW to offer on-demand programing at any time in the car. It also increases the amount of personalized and curated content in-car and out. New SiriusXM with 360L Platform Highlights include: On Demand: Choose from thousands of hours of On Demand shows, performances and interviews, available for the first time ever in your BMW, so you never have to miss a moment. For You: Personalized recommendations of channels and On Demand shows, curated just “For You” based on your listening history and SiriusXM favorites. Live Sports Category: Find NFL, MLB®, NBA, NHL®, college football and basketball games and other sports —in pre-game, in-progress or final states — in one location for quick access to the action. Favorite your team to get its broadcast whenever you tune in. Genre Category Menus: Browse and find the genre of channels and other content that fits your mood. Related: Recommendations of channels and shows related to what you’re currently listening to, so there’s always something up next. Search: Ability to enter the artist name or channel you’re looking for to easily find what you want to listen to. Profiles & Personalization: Create up to 5 SiriusXM user profiles so every listener has their SiriusXM Favorites. This allows for personalized recommendations, the ability to find related content and create custom Artist Stations based on your favorite bands and artists. When you buy or lease a SiriusXM-equipped MINI in the U.S., you get a 12-month trial subscription to SiriusXM. This means you can enjoy their full range of content in your MINI, plus access it on the SiriusXM app and on connected devices and speakers at home. The post MINI USA Makes SIRIUSXM and 360L Standard on all US MINIs EQIPMENT appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
  11. The very first few miles in a car can tell you a lot. That’s exactly what we found as we recently set out in the 2025 F66 MINI Cooper S for the first time. What we found was a car updated in a number of surprising ways beyond the design and tech we’ve all know. Earlier this week we published a written take on our first drive of the combustion F66 MINI Cooper S. However in terms of initial impressions there’s nothing more raw those first few miles. We decided to do something a bit different: record them. So come along with us as we give you our first impressions on the new MINI Cooper S as we drive it for the first time. F66 MINI Cooper S – Test Notes As you’ll see in the video, this was a fairly sparsely specced Cooper S. With an MSRP of $35,500, the Chili Red (II) Cooper S was equipped with the “Classic” style which meant it was missing our some key options that inexplicably come free on the Favoured style (which in itself is a free choice). It was also on the standard 17” grey u-spoke wheels and the narrower 195/50 R 17 tires. All this to say this was a relatively middle of the road Cooper S that will probably form the majority are F66 MINI Coopers come in for the US market. In other words a great car to test. Our test was over several hours and followed the lakeshore just north of Chicago into southern Wisconsin with some highway driving thrown in for good measure. The post First Drive Video: Our First Miles in the 2025 F66 MINI Cooper S appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
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  13. Stefan Richmann is taking over for Stefanie Wurst as the head of the MINI brand globally. Given all that’s happening at MINI with the complete turn-over in its range, the change seems a bit shocking at first. Is there more here than just a press release or is this business as usual? BMW cycles through senior leadership often as a strategy to make its leaders well rounded and familiar with various parts of the BMW Group. We would bet that this is one of those typical BMW transitions. Some will point to Stefanie Wurst’s tenure lasting less than two years which seems a bit short than most. But we’d expect that has to do with internal timing rather than any other motives. You can even read her announcement on LinkedIn for yourself. Stephan Wurst oversaw a massive product transition for MINI over the last 12 months as well as introduced direct sales to China and Europe. And that’s just scratching the surface as you’ll see in the official release below. MINI’s new leader Stefan Richmann has a vast amount of experience throughout BMW. With a focus on strategy and finance, he’s spent time in the US as the BMWNA CFO and most recently was head of BMW Group’s Corporate Strategy in total. We look forward to seeing what he has in store for MINI. In the meantime join us in saying thanks for all the hard work Stefanie Wurst has accomplished during her tenure at MINI. HyperFocal: 0 Official Press Release: Change in leadership at MINI brand The BMW Group has announced a change in personnel at the helm of the MINI brand. Effective 1 August 2024, Stefan Richmann will take over management of MINI from Stefanie Wurst, who has held this position since 1 February 2022. In recent years, Stefanie Wurst has strategically successfully focused the British premium brand MINI on new markets and target groups, and in particular on electric mobility and digitalization. She has also developed the international MINI sales organisation into a sustainable and customer-focused sales model and has played a decisive role in the phased introduction of MINI direct sales in China and Europe. Wurst built on the MINI brand’s strong heritage, while at the same time realigning it for the future. With the rollout of the New MINI Family, the brand is currently at a high point in its 65-year history. Three models with strong characters, the MINI Cooper*, MINI Aceman* and MINI Countryman*, embody the digitalisation of products and services, electrification of the brand and MINI’s signature go-kart feeling. Jochen Goller, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Customer, Brands, Sales: “We would like to thank Stefanie Wurst for her great personal commitment and her valuable contribution to MINI’s future direction. With Stefan Richmann, a senior executive of the BMW Group with many years of experience in Germany and abroad, will take over the management of the MINI brand from August.” Richmann began his career at the BMW Group in 1997. Since then, he has held numerous managerial positions within the company. In 2000, he moved to Corporate Strategic Planning and, in 2004, was appointed head of Sales Controlling. From 2008, Richmann was responsible for the finances of BMW Spain as CFO. He returned to Munich at the end of 2010, where he fulfilled several further management roles in the Finance and Controlling division and Product Management at BMW Group headquarters. From 2017, Richmann served as CFO in the US. In April 2022, he took over as head of the Corporate Strategy division. The post MINI Announces New Global Leadership appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
  14. Добрый вечер. С какого месяца или года исправили ситуацию и исправили ли?
  15. The new combustion MINI Cooper S is finally here. With a more minimalist look and loads and new technology, the F66 feels like a fresh take on the MINI we all know. But not all is perfect. The manual is gone, weight is up (slightly) and shift paddles aren’t even offered in the US. Can MINI make this new F66 Cooper feel as engaging and interactive as the F56? The answer surprised us. Because MINI as a company has publicly proclaimed it will be a fully electric brand in the years ahead, it’s intentionally downplayed the combustion powered F66’s launch. There have been no press events, no scenic drives in Spain and no press cars have yet been delivered to journalists. So we had to take matters into our own hands. Luckily our friends at MINI of Glencoe were happy to oblige and lent us a 2025 MINI Cooper S for the day, no questions asked. Our $35,500 Chili Red (II) Cooper S was equipped with the “Classic” style which meant it was missing our some key options that inexplicably come free on the Favoured style (which in itself is a free choice). It was also on the standard 17” grey u-spoke wheels and the narrower 195/50 R 17 tires. All this to say this was a relatively middle of the road Cooper S that will probably form the majority are F66 MINI Coopers come in for the US market. In other words a great car to test. The F66 with the Favoured Style with the (free) upgrade to 18″ wheels Design and Quality – Hands-on Impressions You’ve heard our thoughts on the exterior and interior design, circular display and the confusing “styles” bundling strategy. All we’ll add is that this particular F66 was the first we’d seen finished in Chili Red II and the first with the standard wheels. In our opinion these smaller and narrower 17″ wheels are not the best look for the car as the height of the belt line on the F66 (like the F56) makes 18” wheels fit its proportions better. Inside the all black interior that comes with the Classic Style has enough small details and adds of texture and color that it’s not at all boring as you might think. That said there are some decidedly cheaper materials mixed in with a few more previous feeling elements. The dash near the windshield for instance is as cheap of plastic as we’ve ever seen in MINIs. Yet the steering wheel feels more premium than ever. It would seem MINI has done a purposeful job of taking cost out of areas that aren’t usually interacted with to create a few more premium touch points. Since our test car had the Classic Style and not the Favoured, we were missing the more aggressively bolstered JCW Sport seats which are roughly equivalent to the F56’s sport seats. In their place where what MINI confusing calls “sport seats” finished in Vescin and cloth. They look great and the Vescin material is a huge step-up from the leatherette we’ve all come to know. But if you’re looking for lateral support you’ll want to opt for the Favoured style (the one with Champaign colored trim) as it’s the only way to get the sportier JCW seats. The 2025 MINI Cooper S Driving Experience There’s no manual and you can’t even get shift paddles on the Cooper S in the US market. The big question on our minds was; can MINI make this new F66 feel as engaging and interactive as the F56? The answer is surprising. The revised suspension offers both a more compliant ride and slightly more neutral handling characteristics. On paper we knew MINI had made a series of small changes in this area. But until getting behind the wheel we didn’t know what it all meant. In our early experience it would seem MINI has done a great job of making subtle tweaks in wheel/tire sizing, track width and suspension settings to create an experience that feels decidedly more mature without feeling less fun. In fact there are moments it even feels more response than the F56. The subtly tweaked steering ratio (from 14.2 to 14.1) and the wider track give the new Cooper S a touch quicker turn-in. And the lack of runflats make the car feel lighter on its feet. There’s still no real tactile feedback through the wheel but that might change with a different wheel/tire combo and a slightly more aggressive suspension that’s coming on the JCW model later this year. MINI’s revised dual clutch transmission feels smoother than ever with quicker shifts – especially in GoKart mode. But there’s another mode that made the shifting algorithm even more aggressive. By pulling down the shifting toggle past “D” you go into “L” (low) mode. The result is a shifting experience that feels equivalent to the old “S” mode that you engaged by moving the automatic lever to the left. In this mode our F66 Cooper S came alive. It held gears and predictively downshifted approaching corners. Once it even downshifted from 4th to 2nd in rapid fire succession as I was braking for a 90 degree right hander. It was as if it was reading my mind. Yes it’s a shame that the manual is gone and shift paddles are unavailable in US spec Coopers, but this is a hugely improved DCT. Torque steer is still present but it’s mitigated by the way the revised DCT handles torque. The end result is a car that feels slightly more composed when pushing hard yet faster to transition out of corners. 2025 F66 MINI Cooper S – Early Conclusions We have to stress the phrase early conclusions. But there are some clear themes. Let’s start with the disappointing part. If you’re going to take away the manual transmission, the Cooper S needs to offer some form of manual controls for its transmission. The car begs for interactivity and without it you can’t help but feel more like a passenger than a driver in certain moments. And worse, a passenger that tends to slide around in corners thanks to those new, flatter sport seats. You can fix this by opting for the free Favoured Style and the free JCW seats but you’ll have to be ok with Vibrant Silver (aka light gold) exterior trim. While parts of the F66 interior feel cheaper than the previous model, there are plenty of high quality materials in more visible areas. MINI has also made some clear cost cutting decisions on material quality. Every generation of Cooper since its 2001 reintroduction has had slightly higher quality interior materials than the previous. That doesn’t seem entirely true with the F66. The important caveat here is that much of those lower quality materials are mostly out of sight and perhaps even smart trade-offs considering MINI has decidedly upped the quality in a few key areas while offering dramatically improved technology. Yet there’s a lot of good to focus on with the F66. Losing the manual and shift paddles aside, the driving experience has actually improved with more refined suspension, more crisp turn-in and a improved dual clutch transmission. Add to this an increase of 15 hp and you have a car that feels quicker while delivering a better driving experience. We can’t help but also mention the design which we have warmed to it greatly over the past few months. While some have some major issues in the way MINI has rolled out its Styles, the fundamental design changes they’ve made are successful in our eyes and will prove to be a great basis as MINI adds more trim options and even the JCW model. The 2025 F66 MINI Cooper S is refreshingly updated in so many ways but not quite perfected. And what makes it a bit frustrating is that it’s held back by decisions MINI has made. Eliminating the manual and even the option of shift paddles (in the US) feels entirely out of place for a car like this. And ordering the car will likely be frustrating for a few due to the Styles strategy that MINI has created. But if you can get past a few issues, the F66 is an excellent update to an already great car. The post First Drive: 2025 F66 MINI Cooper S Refreshed but Not Perfected appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
  16. Introducing the Jeep Level 2 Charger: Powering Up Your Electric Adventure The Growing Market for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations According to a survey conducted by ResearchAndMarkets, the global electric vehicle charging station market is expected to reach a staggering $140.0 billion by 2027, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40.6%. This exponential growth presents an ideal investment scenario for those looking to venture into the EV charging industry. Here are some key takeaways that make investing in electric vehicle charging stations an attractive prospect: Rising EV Adoption: The sale of electric vehicles is projected to exceed 54 million units by 2040, as estimated by the International Energy Agency (IEA). This surge in EV adoption will consequently increase the demand for reliable and accessible charging infrastructure. Government Initiatives: Governments across the globe are actively promoting electric vehicle charging infrastructure development by providing subsidies, tax incentives, and grants to investors. These incentives aim to accelerate the transition towards clean transportation, ensuring a favorable regulatory environment for investors in charging stations. Environment-friendly Practices: Investing in electric vehicle charging stations aligns with the global goal of reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. By facilitating the widespread use of electric vehicles, charging stations contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. Factors to Consider Before Investing Before diving into the world of electric vehicle charging station investments, it is crucial to assess various factors to make informed decisions: Location: Identifying high-demand areas with limited charging infrastructure is essential. For instance, residential complexes, commercial hubs, and public parking spaces are ideal locations that guarantee regular usage of the charging stations. Charging Speeds and Compatibility: Investing in fast-charging stations that offer compatibility with different vehicle models can attract a wider range of EV users. Ensuring scalability and future-proofing can be a key advantage. Pricing and Revenue Models: Analyze different pricing models, such as pay-per-use, subscription-based plans, or partnerships with EV manufacturers, to outline a profitable revenue strategy. Networking and Connectivity: Opt for charging station manufacturers that provide advanced networking and connectivity features, allowing remote management and monitoring, as well as integration with emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT). Preferred Charging Technologies to Invest In When considering specific technologies to invest in, it is important to choose those that meet the growing needs of EV users and provide a competitive edge: DC Fast Charging (DCFC): DC fast charging is a high-power charging solution that can charge an electric vehicle to 80% capacity in a short period, typically within 30 minutes. This technology is ideal for busy locations where quick turnaround times are crucial. Wireless Charging: Wireless charging eliminates the need for physical connectors and allows vehicles to recharge by simply parking over a charging pad. This technology is convenient for residential and parking lot installations. Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Charging: V2G technology enables bidirectional energy flow between EVs and the grid. This innovative approach provides an additional revenue stream by allowing EV owners to sell back excess energy from their vehicles to the grid. Further Investment Potential and Conclusion Investing in electric vehicle charging stations not only offers an opportunity for financial returns but also supports sustainable transportation, reduces carbon emissions, and contributes to the development of a cleaner future. As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to rise, the demand for charging infrastructure will grow exponentially. Industry leaders and experts believe that investing in charging stations can yield long-term profitability, making it an attractive choice for investors seeking a future-forward and socially responsible investment option. See More Information: [url=][/url]
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  19. Today MINI is taking the wraps off of what they call MINI Mixed Reality. A merging the virtual and real worlds, MINI Mixed Reality immerses drivers in a virtual world that works in tandem with the real world. And if it works, it might just point to the future of the brand and driving itself. We know the BMW Group has been experimenting in the mixed reality space for awhile. A couple years ago we went hands on at BimmerFile with the BMW Dee concept and even envisioned about what it could mean for MINI. While it didn’t use a VR headset, what we saw through the multiple 4K windshield projectors was the most immersive mixed reality experience we had seen yet. This MINI concept seemingly takes that to another level with the use of a modern VR headset. MINI Mixed Reality combines the experience of driving with the immersive capabilities of virtual reality technology. This is how it works; as you sit inside a MINI with the headset on, your surroundings transform. Through a VR headset, you see the world outside the windows as a vibrant, virtual MINI Virtual Reality World, while still being able to navigate through the actual environment via camera streams. It’s a seamless integration of the physical and digital realms, offering a new dimension to the driving experience. According to MINI, the Mixed Reality experience is not just about driving. It’s a test bed that allows drivers to see the world through the lens of the MINI brand. Behind the magic of MINI Mixed Reality lies a sophisticated system: a high-end PC running a self-designed MINI VR World, streaming seamlessly to the headset. Making this possible is headset tracking, acceleration, sound, and vehicle interface devices that work in harmony creating a new kind of driving experience. MINI Mixed Reality isn’t just a novelty. If you read between the lines it’s clear that MINI and BMW believe some element of mixed reality is the future of driving. The first vehicle we’ll likely see is the BMW Neue Klasse generation of vehicles that will introduce the new version of iDrive. You can see a preview where we went hands-on with the tech. The post MINI Experiments with a Revolutionary Mix reality Driving Experience appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
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  21. Наша группа опытных мастеров предоставлена подать вам перспективные технологии, которые не только гарантируют надежную безопасность от холодных воздействий, но и подарят вашему дому стильный вид. Мы эксплуатируем с новыми средствами, гарантируя долгосрочный термин службы и выдающиеся результаты. Изоляция наружных стен – это не только экономия ресурсов на обогреве, но и внимание о экологической обстановке. Энергоспасающие подходы, каковые мы применяем, способствуют не только зданию, но и поддержанию природной среды. Самое первоочередное: [url=]Утепление фасада цена за 1 м2[/url] у нас начинается всего от 1250 рублей за метр квадратный! Это бюджетное решение, которое превратит ваш дом в реальный комфортный локал с минимальными затратами. Наши труды – это не единственно изолирование, это формирование пространства, в где каждый компонент преломляет ваш персональный образ действия. Мы учтем все ваши пожелания, чтобы переделать ваш дом еще больше приятным и привлекательным. Подробнее на [url=]интернет-ресурсе[/url] Не откладывайте труды о своем корпусе на потом! Обращайтесь к исполнителям, и мы сделаем ваш обиталище не только уютнее, но и модернизированным. Заинтересовались? Подробнее о наших проектах вы можете узнать на веб-сайте. Добро пожаловать в сферу благополучия и качественного исполнения.
  22. MINI will be launching not one but two new MINI Cooper JCW models this October. But these two models couldn’t be more different as one will be an old school combustion model and the other fully electric. We’ve got full details on specs and production timing along with a preview of their final design. 2025 MINI Cooper JCW: Performance While these two new JCWs might look nearly identical, they’ll have noticeably different power outputs. This appears to be primarily driven by the MINI Cooper JCW being an iterative update to the F56 JCW we’ve know now for almost ten years now. That means we’ll see just light updates to the drivetrain and chassis. However that doesn’t mean they won’t be meaningful. In what some might see as a disappointment, the 2025 MINI Cooper JCW will not see an increase in horsepower. Unlike the Cooper or the Cooper S, MINI is holding the line on power output and instead bringing some upgrades elsewhere. ModelPowerTorqueJ01 JCW (electric)260 hp*TBDF66 JCW (petrol)231 hp258 ft lbs* Unconfirmed But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any performance upgrades. The F66 JCW will have a slightly revised B48 engine under the hood – more specifically the B48A20O2. The big performance update will be torque which increases from 236 to 258 ft lbs giving the car a bit more grunt. Perhaps just important, it peaks lower in the rev range. Previously in the F56 JCW torque maxed-out at 1,450. The B48A20O2 sees this change to 1,250 rpm meaning maximum power is even more immediate. These are small but subtle differences that point to a slightly quicker or more responsive B48 engine. Why are we not seeing a bigger improvement when the combustion Cooper and Cooper S are getting noticeable power upgrades? Or the U25 Countryman which gets even bigger power hikes (especially in the US market)? We don’t have great answers. It could be related to emissions and the reality that, updating this version of the B48 isn’t high on BMW’s priority list. It also leaves room for MINI to eventually tweak software and hardware for a light refresh in a few years. And we know the DCT transmission can handle more torque so there appears to be no component related reason holding MINI back. The J01 is a bit more foggy for us but our sources have been consistent is saying we’ll see at least 260 hp and even more torque. The limiting factor will traction given that both the electric Cooper JCW and the Aceman JCW will remain front wheel drive only. There is one function the J01 will offer that the F66 might not have. J01 doesn’t have a multi-speed transmission there will still be one paddle behind the steering wheel. Like on the Countryman SE, MINI will introduce a “boost” function that give you more power for a 10 second period. This will be operational via a paddle behind the steering where on the left side. Finally our sources tell us that battery size will remain the same as the SE models. Because of the increased performance we’d expect range to decrease a bit – perhaps as much as 5-10%. F66 JCW Trim J01 JCW Trim 2025 MINI Cooper JCW Design We can immediately get a good idea of how both new JCW models will look by simply looking at the JCW Trim offered in Europe. Also known as Sport Trim in the UK, this takes the JCW bodykit and applies it to any MINI in those markets. According to sources there will be almost no differences between the way these cars with the JCW Trim look and the full JCW coming later this year. F66 JCW Trim The F56 JCW Looking at these renders we can clearly see the J01’s JCW Trim design aesthetic was followed closely in the F66 design. The front bumper in the F66 however has real ducts due to the need to cool the JCW B48 engine and we’re told the brake ducts also remain. In fact the F66 JCW front bumper is quite close to what we’ve seen previously on the F56 as you can see below. Elsewhere you can clearly see MINI has moved to gloss black side skirts on the JCW along with gloss black fender flares. This follows the trends towards gloss black we’ve seen elsewhere. Time to get your polishing cloths out. Looking at the car above you also see a distinctly more aggressive look thanks to the new aerokit. The front splitter literally is split with an interesting center separation that is certainly distinct. The side has some subtle horizontal lines that appear functionless which of course is a bit head scratching given how MINI has gone to great lengths to connect design elements to functional needs. However things get much better on the side with a subtle side skirt. The J01 MINI Cooper SE with JCW Trim Around back things get even more interesting with an aggressive looking diffuser and almost GP-like rear wing. The 18-inch wheels in Lap Spoke 2-tone design with ten spokes each will be offered on the new Cooper JCW but will have a larger system complete with red brake calipers. There will be unique Chili Red design elements on the front and rear which will mark the full JCW models out over MINIs with the JCW Trim. Finally colors. MINI has eliminated the much loved JCW exclusive Rebel Green and replaced it with a less exclusive Legend Grey. Why less exclusive? Because MINI is also offering it on the JCW Trim which adds all of these visual elements to any non-JCW car. Also gone is the optional white roof. Instead MINI will offer only the JCW roof in Chili Red, Black or body color. Inside we expect a single choice of color and trim nearly identical to the JCW Trim you see above. The JCW Sport seats and shift paddles (F66 only) will be standard. The new F66 MINI Cooper JCW is a mix of the new and familiar 2025 MINI Cooper JCW: Wheel Updates The F56 JCW is a great car with an engineering decision that has created an awkward styling issue. The because of the size of the front brakes and the wheel offset, all JCW wheels bow outward creating an unusual convex shape that looks very different than typical concave performance wheels. As you can see in these photos as MINI has clearly changed the geometry of the wheels which seems to have eliminated that issue entirely. MINI will offer the 17” JCW Sprint Spoke as standard (which we see above) and the 18” John Cooper Works Lap Spoke 2-tone as an option (seen on the F67 convertible below). it’s unclear if the J01 will feature the same wheel geometry but it will have identical wheel styles and sizes. The current F56 Cooper S Exhaust design shows that the “dual exhaust” is nothing more than two small pipes from a single exhaust. 2025 F66 MINI Cooper JCW – Single Pipe Exhaust For the combustion JCW, MINI is moving from a two pipe single exhaust to a larger single pipe exhaust. In the exclusive image below you can see a single exhaust pipe (with a stainless steel sleeve), the transversely mounted exhaust and even the aluminum shield underneath it. Look even closer and you’ll see the production version of the single LED reverse light just above the exhaust tip which (one could imagine) would look somewhat integrated with the cutout of the pipe. Why a single exhaust pipe? Let’s start with the exhaust itself. One thing that most don’t know is that the MINI Cooper S and JCW have had a single muffler system since the R56. The fact that two outlets came out the back has primarily been for aesthetics. In this exclusive zoomed in photo you can see a central exhaust and single pipe that looks to be in nearly final production form. In fact there have been more than a few MINI race cars over the years that have gone with the exhaust single pipe design. Why? When asked they consistently have told us it’s both more power efficient and lighter. So in other words exactly what you want in both race cars and modern performance cars. The F67 MINI Cooper JCW Convertible with the 18” John Cooper Works Lap Spoke wheels 2025 F57 MINI Cooper Convertible JCW As before MINI will be offering the JCW model in the iconic three door F66 hatch and the F67 convertible. Once again MINI will not be offering its highest performance model in the five door configuration. Why? Product planners apparently made that call many years ago in the F56 generation and due to tight development budgets due to having to offer both electric and ICE models, they’re sticking to it. The F66 gear selector moves from the console to the dash in the form of a discrete toggle switch. 2025 F66 MINI Cooper JCW: Automatics All Around MINI has killed the manual in its combustion models and they will include the new combustion JCW. Why would MINI eliminate manuals despite the fact that the F66 is mechanically identical to the F56 and could easily carry over the current Getrag 6 speed? It’s likely about simplifying drivetrains components and cutting costs within manufacturing. And for Europe (where CO2 targets are much more stringent) the manual is slightly dirtier. Replacing the manual is a revised 7 speed dual clutch transmission that promises faster shift times than before and a more responsive manual control via the standard steeling wheel mounted paddles. The J01 will feature the same single speed transmission as we’ve seen on the Cooper SE. 2025 MINI Cooper JCW Chassis and Brake Updates This is where the F66 MINI Cooper JCW is a straight evolution from the F56 version. This starts with the braking system which will be carried over. That means we’ll see a 4-piston fixed caliper upfront with internally ventilated, drilled brake disk up front (335x30mm). In the back (where there’s less weight to worry about) MINI will continue with a single piston floating caliper and a disk that’s 259x10mm. All four calipers will be finished in the traditional Chili Red. The chassis and suspension will see subtle improvements with MINI further refining its adaptive suspension design. While we don’t yet have details we’re told this focuses on improving ride quality while not forgoing any performance. The J01 will follow this strategy with four piston front brakes, and a revised suspension. The goal will be to bring the classic JCW into the world of EVs. We’ll find out how far they goal soon. F66 JCW Trim 2025 MINI Cooper JCW Launch Timing and End of Production Both new JCW models will debut this October however we’ll get a sneak peak of the F66 JCW soon. Rumors are swirling that Bulldog Racing will be racing a pre-production version at the Nurburgring 24 Hours in early June. ModelPowerDebut DateStart of ProductionJ01 JCW (electric)260 hp*10/202401/2025F66 JCW (petrol)231 hp10/202411/2024* Unconfirmed The post Combustion F66 & Electric J01 MINI Cooper JCW Debuting in October & We’ve Got Exclusive Details appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
  23. After what seemed to be an impossibly long wait, the European press has finally gotten behind the wheel of the J01 electric MINI Cooper SE and we have our first verdicts. SO what’s it like? Words like engaging, fun and agile are peppered throughout the videos and written reviews The J01 is the first MINI built on the brand’s new electric platform that will also underpin the Aceman. That gives you more efficiency in both range and interior space. MINI offers two models of the J01, the E and the SE. As you can imagine the SE is the more powerful and offers more range. 2025 J01 MINI Cooper E2025 J01 MINI Cooper SE2023 F56 MINI Cooper SEHorsepower184 hp218 hp181 hpRange (WLTP)200 miles250 miles125 milesBattery Size40kWh54kWh32.6 kWhAll numbers provided by MINI except * which are confirmed only through unofficial sources. For a deep (and we mean deep) dive into the new MINI Cooper, head to our the J01 section on MotoringFile where you’ll find data and insights on the car you will not find anywhere else in the world. But you came here to watch some videos and read some reviews so let’s get to it. J01 MINI Cooper SE Video Reviews Now onto the written reviews. We’ve created a quick summary of each but you’ll want to click through to read them all. Top Gear The Top Gear review of the MINI Cooper Electric discusses the car’s approach to combining traditional MINI design with modern electric technology, offering a unique and enjoyable driving experience. The review appreciates the car’s iconic aesthetic, featuring classic MINI styling with a contemporary twist, and praises the interior’s quality and user-friendly design, including the central infotainment system and minimalist dashboard layout. The driving experience is highlighted for its fun factor, with the electric powertrain providing instant torque and brisk acceleration, making it enjoyable for city driving and shorter trips. The MINI Cooper Electric’s agile handling and small size contribute to its maneuverability, fitting well in urban settings. However, the review notes that the car’s electric range could be a limitation for some. The review also comments on the car’s premium pricing – no surprise there. Overall, the MINI Cooper Electric is characterized as a lively, stylish, and compact electric vehicle that stays true to the MINI brand’s fun and engaging driving spirit, with a focus on urban environments. While its range and price may limit its appeal for some, it remains a compelling choice for those who enjoy the MINI aesthetic and are looking for a distinctive electric vehicle. Autocar The Autocar review of the MINI Cooper Electric discusses the updated design and driving dynamics of this new electric vehicle (EV), showcasing MINI’s blend of classic style with modern electric technology. The review notes that the car retains its iconic charm while benefiting from improved performance and handling due to its electric powertrain. Key points include the vehicle’s refined design, with a nod to traditional MINI aesthetics, and an interior that combines vintage touches with contemporary features like a central infotainment screen. The reviewer finds the driving experience enjoyable, thanks to the instant torque and responsive handling, typical of electric cars. However, the range might be limited for longer trips, but it is adequate for city driving and daily commuting. Overall, the review portrays the MINI Cooper Electric as a fun-to-drive, stylish EV that appeals to those seeking a compact, urban-friendly electric car with a recognizable heritage design. While it may not be suitable for extensive road trips, it’s seen as a solid choice for those looking for an electric vehicle with personality and a sense of nostalgia. Driving Electric The DrivingElectric review of the new MINI Cooper Electric presents it as a worthy successor to the F56 petrol MINI Cooper, emphasizing its modern electric features while retaining the iconic MINI design and charm. The review highlights the car’s updated styling, noting that it balances traditional MINI elements with a fresh and contemporary look. Inside, the review points out the high-quality materials and a simplistic yet functional layout, featuring a large circular infotainment screen. The driving experience is praised for its lively handling, characteristic of the MINI brand, with the electric powertrain delivering instant torque for a quick and responsive ride. However, the review mentions that the car’s electric range might be a concern for some, making it best suited for city driving and shorter trips rather than long journeys. It notes that the MINI Cooper Electric offers a fun and engaging drive, appealing to those who appreciate the classic MINI feel but are interested in transitioning to electric vehicles. Overall, the review portrays the MINI Cooper Electric as a stylish and enjoyable EV, ideal for urban environments and those seeking a vehicle that merges retro design with contemporary electric technology. Auto Express The Auto Express review of the new electric MINI Cooper describes it as a fun and sophisticated electric vehicle that captures the iconic brand’s classic spirit while incorporating modern technology. The article praises the car’s design, noting its blend of retro elements and updated styling, as well as its engaging driving experience, which is enhanced by its responsive handling and quick acceleration. The interior is described as stylish and high-quality, featuring a large circular infotainment screen and a minimalist design. The EV’s range is seen as suitable for city driving, though it may be limited for longer trips. Overall, the review highlights the MINI Cooper EV as an appealing choice for those seeking a chic, enjoyable, and eco-friendly car, with a focus on urban usability and charm. The post First Reviews Are In: J01 Electric MINI Cooper SE Gets Praise For Handling and Design appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
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  25. Since its rebirth, the MINI brand has stood for individuality. With countless ways to design and order a car to a buyers tastes, MINI has been built on appealing to the creative class or just people who want something a bit difference. Unfortunately with the rollout of the new MINI Countryman in the US, that’s gotten a lot harder. MotoringFile’s been clearly impressed with the all new MINI Countryman thus far. It’s more refined, faster, and packs way more tech. However if you’re in there’s a problem – especially if you’re in the US – where I sell MINIs for a living. If you don’t option it correctly you stand the chance of ending up a very basic looking MINI. But even worse, some buyers might find it simply impossible to get what they want. What this doesn’t say: You can only get optionally larger wheels with the Favored Style + Iconic Package. With the new generation of models, MINI is introducing “Styles” which package various styling elements together to create a unique look. Because of this, MINI asks that you first choose a Style when ordering a car; Classic with black trim or Favoured with gold-like Vibrant Silver. They are no cost options but you have to choose one. And this is where things go wrong. In many ways I actually prefer the black exterior trim of Classic over the gold-like trim of the Favoured Style. But the second you choose Classic, it limits you from getting some key options which are otherwise free on the Favoured Style Those red icons are telling you that you chose poorly when picking the Classic Style. For one you are unable to get the JCW Sport seats (free on the Favoured Style) which offer the type of bolstering and support most MINI enthusiast are looking for. Second you have only once choice of wheels – the 18″ Asteroid w/All-season Tires. Given the high belt-line of the new Countryman and the overall design, the 18″ Asteroid wheels end up looking like a very basic spec option that screams “I was trying to save money”. On Favoured you have the free option of the gorgeous 19″ Kaleido Spoke or you can pay (only) $600 for dramatic 20″ Windmill Spoke (with either all season or performance tires). But if your want black exterior trim (which seams like the more sorry of the two in my opinion), there’s no way to upgrade the seats or the wheels on the Countryman. It’s all very unfortunate because we’d bet the majority will look at the two styles and opt for the darker, sportier m piano black trim versus a light gold (MINI calls this Vibrant Silver). They might then choose the Iconic package and even the Max Comfort package because they want all the options. But what they’ve unknowingly done by choosing the black exterior trim is limit themselves to what will look and feel like a rather basic MINI. Let’s be honest, those 18″ Astroid Wheels finished in silver look at best inconsequential on the new Countryman. At worst they look embarrassing. That’s exactly how our recent Countryman S test car looked and yet it still retailed for $43,695. But this isn’t just about wheels or seats (as much as they are important). It’s about the ability to option the MINI you want to buy. Putting together the options that suit your needs and reflect your style has been a MINI hallmark for decades now. Favoured Style Classic Style Why This is a Big Change (and a Big Deal) This all comes down to MINI limiting the ability to add options as the brand has traditionally. Because almost everything is not only being funneled through two packages but also now Styles, creating a unique MINI has become much more difficult. But far worse, ordering a MINI that you want has also become harder. Surely this was done eye an eye towards simplifying production and ordering processes. But we think MINI has made a mistake in packaging options and trim in such confusing and limiting manner. The reality is that it’s not MINI USA that’s at fault but the way that MINI Global has rolled out its Styles program. Don’t get us wrong. We like the overall concept of MINI Styles. The ability to noticeably change the character of a car with a single package is cool. But clearly something is lost in execution if would be owners cannot get the options they want despite being willing to pay for them. The post Opinion: The New MINI Countryman S Looks Great Until you Try to Order One appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
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  27. When we last drove the all new MINI Countryman is was on the coastal and mountains roads of Portugal. We found both the combustion power Countryman JCW and electric Countryman SE to be hugely improved over their predecessors offering more performance, engagement and of course space than before. But how does the more mainstream combustion powered Countryman S compare? We know the Countryman is larger and heavier than ever. But in JCW form we found that MINI had done an exceptional job of masking that weight with improved suspension, quicker steering and a more fluid transmission. Our European spec JCW was slightly down on power with only 300 vs 306 in the F60 but the real deficiency was torque – down 36 ft lbs. Still we found it to be more engaging and fluid in its responses. Where the F60 JCW was numb but responsive, the U25 JCW delivered quicker responses with more feedback and eagerness. Could the non-JCW version do the same? We headed to the nicest roads we could find north of Chicago to find out. The new MINI Countryman S is up in power – way up. 241 hp in the US and a massive 295 ft lbs of torque. The latter equals the new JCW in fact. And the second you call on it, it delivers. There’s no question this is a faster car than before. But it’s unlocking and engaging that performance that we found to be a bit of a struggle. The good news is that MINI has broadened the Countryman’s capabilities. GoKart mode (what used to be called Sport) is now a bit more aggressive with better throttle response and a more aggressive transmission programming that never feels harsh like the previous model. It may not quite snap shifts off like the previous Aisin auto, but it’s much more refined. Want even more aggressive transmission programming? Pull the transmission down into “L” and it will mimic what used to be the “S” setting on the old Countryman. Faster Doesn’t Equal More Fun However that’s where your input ends. Because there are no shift paddles on any Countryman except the $46,900 JCW model, you’re limited in terms of what you can control and just how much input you can have. Then there were the seats. Our almost fully loaded Countryman S came with the standard sport seats which are very flat and devoid of the side bolstering you’d expect. While the JCW Sport seats we’ve experienced in the Countryman JCW and Countryman SE get high marks, these base seats are flat and much less supportive. The second you the begin carving corners they are a problem. What’s really interesting is that MINI does not call out the difference on the configurator at all. The two different seat options are simply differentiated by color and not design. Even more frustrating is that the only way to get the JCW Sport seats in a Countryman S is by choosing the Favoured Style which adds the champaign colored Vibrant Silver trim. A trim color that you wouldn’t ordinarily associate with something performance oriented like the JCW seat. Combine this with a larger, heavier car and the resulting experience feels a bit less engaging and interactive. Ultimately we came away with the impression that we were more passenger than driver. Other updates are a bit more successful. The suspension has been recalibrated and gives the Countryman S more fluid responses. It’s still won’t rotate in corners and it’s not going to be mistaken for a Cooper in terms of responsiveness. But in a world of small crossovers, it’s near the top in terms of driving engagement. Our test car was equipped with the Iconic package which added almost all options including the Max Comfort package. This gave the car Level 2 Autonomous Driving which worked perfectly in our highway tests. The Augmented Reality Navigation, Massaging Seats and other options were all mark the new Countryman out as a more modern and premium product than its predecessor. At $43,695 you’d hope so. But keep in mind the new based Countryman in the US is the “S” model with all wheel drive and starts at a reasonable $38,900. The MINI Countryman S: Early Conclusions We suspect MINI will be incredibly successful with this new Countryman in the US market. It’s larger, more comfortable with more tech. The circular display and MINI os9 is exceptional if not still a touch slow (updates are coming). And let’s be clear, most Countryman buyers will love this car. But the enthusiast that looks at a MINI as an engaging, performance oriented experience may find some aspects of this new car disappointing. There is a solve that naturally involves more money. The Countryman JCW solves every one of these issues mentioned. But at an $8,000 premium. Which is a shame. For years we’ve often found the simpler, cheaper MINIs to be almost as fun as the more expensive JCW models. It was always a very egalitarian attribute and one that felt directly connected to the that the brand’s 1959 origins. With the new Countryman it would seem MINI has made decisions to push the Countryman S more towards what an average buyer would want while focusing the JCW on all those looking for performance. It may be what the broader market wants but we’re pretty sure it’s not entirely what MINI enthusiasts were asking for. The post First Drive: 2025 MINI Countryman S – More Power & Size, But Less Fun? appeared first on MotoringFile. View the full article
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