EU Regulations Are Mandating Speed limit Warnings in MINIs & They’re Coming to the US

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Starting this week, all new cars sold in the EU must have speed limit warnings reminding drivers of speed limits or on some cars even slowing them down. Known as Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA), the system has actually been in MINIs for two years. But how does it work and is it coming to the US? We have some good news and bad news.

First let’s back up and look at why the law exists. In short the EU’s ISA regulation is a push to increase pedestrian safety and to reduce CO2 emissions. ISA is mandatory for all new vehicle types from 6/07/2022 and for all new vehicles from 7/07/2024.

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How ISA Works in MINIs

The EU’s legal requirements have actually been met in all MINI’s from 2022 onward by the driver assistance system “Speed Limit Info”. As you might know, MINI’s have had the ability to display speed limits for several years now thanks to a system that uses cameras that recognize traffic signs and GPS. What ISA means in a MINI is that this system can now prompt the driver warning them if the maximum speed is exceeded by an acoustic and visual notifications. The good news is that, unlike some manufacturers, MINI isn’t actively slowing the car down without the driver’s input. And it’s easy to turn off.

In the EU and UK that system can easily be turned off by pressing and holding the “LIM” button on the steering wheel. Sounds simple right? There’s only one issue – driver’s will have to turn it off every time they start the car.

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ISA is Coming to North America – Eventually

Outside of the EU and UK the system is present but typically not active. In other words markets like North America have all the tech to enable but it’s turned off by default. But that will change now that California has passed SB 961 which will require 50% of all cars sold to have a “passive” system like the one MINI has in the EU by 2029 and 100% by 2032.

The (Potential) Alarming Future for ISA

In the EU there’s a growing chorus of safety advocates that call for the system to actually slow the car down and actively control the speed in adherence to posted signs. While that’s not yet compulsory, all the technology is there for car makers to activate such a system. Could that actually happen? It depends on who you talk to but there’s a clear growing desire to make European cities more pedestrian friendly due to their often tight confines.

It’s important to note that there is no movement in California or elsewhere in the US to take that step. In fact the California bill specifically calls for the system to be passive allowing the driver to always be in control.

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