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  1. Thanks i will ring the russian embassy today again ,thanks for help ... the most problem is , taking the car over to russia .............and that we are three different nationalities Thomas Michelle and Chris :D
  2. HI Fedor, We need you guys to send us an invite for Visa !!!! Regards Thomas and Michelle see here :
  3. Hi, It's Chris from Canada (Barrie, Ontario) - I met some of your fellow Russian minipeople in Misano Italy in October. I have a couple of questions: The ferry - if we need to be in St. Petersburg on the 15th of June and the ferry service that you suggested (Rostok) starts on the 17th - I think we might need a different ferry. Can you recommend a different ferry service from Finland or Sweeden( we will be starting in Germany)? Or do we need to get to Tallinn and then St. Petersburg by Ferry? If there is not a Ferry service that starts before June 17 - should we drive straight through Finland? Are the roads safe between the border of Finland to St. Petersbury? Especially if I don't speak Russian or Finnish. Also, can you recommend a few hotels near the MINI party? We would also require a hotel where there is storage / security for the MINI's. Thanks, Chris PS - I put up a picture of my mini in the extreme Canadian winter.
  4. ...are planning a trip to Moscow, to help you celebrate the clubs birthday! But we need some help! 1. when is the party happening?... date? 2. where will the party be happening? 3. What have you planned? 4. Are we welcome? 5. we want to take the same route you guys did....have you any advise for the ferry? Can you send us the route you took anf the name of the ferry company? 6. Will getting petrol be a problem anywhere along the way? 7. How long does it take to cross borders? And what do we need to pay there? 8. Could some of you meet us in St. Petersburg and drive the rest of the way to Moscow with us? 9. We need you guys to send us an invite for Visa / insurance purposes. 10. there will be probably be 3 or 4 Minis coming. 11. Where can we sleep; and where our Minis will be safe. 12. a german Mini dealer may support us up to finland. Could Mini in Moscow support us for the rest of the trip...have you any contact person there? In case we break down etc. 13. Can we drive on our EU / canadian licenses... do we need special permits? We are very excited about coming, but as you know there a lot of things to plan. Can you guys set up an english page here in your forum, so that we all can easily access info about the trip. Chris is planning to come from Cananda to germany and then to drive across with us. Thanks a lot for your help! Talk soon, Michelle, Thomas and Chris :078: ps. we will be the winners of the longest drive competition! pps we heard its very cold in Moscow at the moment...hope you, your families and your Minis are all ok. Can you start the engines at all in that cold?!
  5. Hello ...... Hope you all got home safely?? We haven't heard anything from you Guys and are starting to get worried. Take care Michelle and Thomas
  6. Hi to Everyone that we met in Misano! In particular the English, Russians, Canadians, Americans, Scottish, Dutch that stayed in Hotel Major! We're back in Germany, arrived home after a 14 hour drive on Monday! We're still working through all the experiences and things we saw and did. It really was a brilliant week ! We're both pretty exhausted and will probably need another holiday just to recover ! A special Hi to Andy Sayle the best race driver in the Mini Challenge for his door .... we owe you big time! A big thanks to the english dentist ( who will remain unnamed!) and his lovely wife for all there help! Jane, Elaine, Paul and Andy ..we hope you guys made it home ok ! Thanks to the Apple Mini for the T-shirt ! And a big thank you to BMW and everyone who organised this great event and were so helpful and fun over the 3 days. And, last but not least, to Fabrizio and his DJ Buddys, who went all out to make Hotel Major the Mini Party Central !!!! 200 Mini fanatics in one can only be good! We love you all and you're all welcome to Germany for World Cup 2006 ! Regards Michelle ( Irish) and Thomas ( the crazy German) P:S. English will beat the German :P :smile: :D in 2006 we see you in Moskau
  7. Good Morning Moscow! we will probably drive down alone..we want to take a more scenic route, along the coastal road to Rimini. We are going to leave home on Wednesday and drive down to Brenner; so that we have enough time on Thursday to cruise through Italy. We're all in the same hotel, so we'll see you there...we're the red Mini with the Irish flag! Drive carefully and remember to leave your headlights on in Italy!
  8. The Mini Points :winke02:
  9. HI we are the Pepe LePew's guys who are also driving to Italy in October. We live in Germayn.. But, we are IRISH :1234: ...So we don't have quite the distance to travel that you do! We're also staying in the same hotel as you guys...I think we may have gotten the last room! Which route are you taking? When do you expect to be arriving in Italy? If you need any help ( with Visas or anything) just send me a message...we'll help if we can! Looking foward to seeing you. Michelle and Thomas